Smart Ways To Deal With Stress In The Last Year Of University
By on July 2nd, 2019

If you are struggling with your final year at university, you are reading the right article. The last year, among the last exams and theses, is one of the most stressful periods of your life. It is indeed a period of wear and tear, both emotionally and physically. In the last year of university, a lot of students are usually found so upset and stressed out because of the exam and assignment pressure. To help student get out of stressful situation, we are going to discuss a few effective ways to deal with stress in this article. So, take a look!

Useful Tips for the Last Year of University

Here are some useful tips that can help you better deal with the stress of the last year of university and get more relaxed on the graduation day. Don’t forget to use the in the last year of university.

1. Plan your studies

Although this concept is valid from the first to the last day, one of the keys to a successful academic year is to effectively plan your time, keeping a calendar or planner to memorize all important deadlines. Start compiling this lineup early and you’ll find that it will help you a lot to get rid of stress. If you don’t plan everything in advance or don’t make time to study from the beginning, chance are, you will burnout before the exams arrive. So, make sure that you plan your studies so that you can achieve all your academic goals at the right time.

2. Exploiting All Available Resources

You will never have access to such a wide range of free resources as those available to you at university, so make the most of them! Go to the library, read and take out as many books as you can, ask for help and talk to the professors during office hours. Remember that there are people there to help and support you. If you are unable to find a book at library, then make sure you invest in a second-hand book or try to find it on the internet. When you have all the resources available, you will have no excuse left not to do your assignment. But if you still don’t have the energy to focus on your pending assignment, then you should definitely go for management assignment writing service from a reliable company. This is the best way to save yourself from stressing out in the last year of university.

3. Healthy Eating

A good meal can really make a difference. At certain times of the year, especially when the exam date is approaching, you need to be a bit “snobbish” when it comes to food. Don’t buy frozen food and try to eat fresh meals. For some students, cooking can be a real stress reliever. If you don’t like cooking or just don’t have the time, at least make sure you eat healthy. Or you can even search for different healthy food recipes and try them out so that you stay healthy during the exam season and not to mention, end preparing well for exams.

4. Sleep in Sufficiency

No matter how stressed you are for an exam, we can assure you that it is never worthwhile to lose sleep. A decent night’s sleep is the key to feeling less stressed: we therefore advise you to turn off your phone or computer at least an hour before going to bed. Getting at least 8-9 hours of sleep is important as it helps you stay focus during exam. Also consider that studying at night 99% of the time will be counterproductive.

5. Do Physical Activity Regularly

Every day, make sure you take a break from the study, even if only for a short walk around the building. Or try to enjoy 30 minutes of physical training a day, whether it’s an exercise class, a Pilates class or a morning run. Not only will this help you burn calories, but it will also benefit your mental and physical well-being. The more active you are, the greater the chances are to achieve academic goals.

6. Socialize

Being in the last year of university does not mean concentrating totally on studies, leaving out friendships and fun. Never let the exams or assignments wear down your level of socialization. Every so often, enjoy time with your friends, go to watch a movie with friends after class or take time to have a coffee with your colleagues from time to time. Always keep in your mind that socializing is one of the best stress relievers.

7. Take Breaks from Your Study Routine

Everyone needs a break and it’s not healthy for anyone to stay constantly on the books, 7 days a week! So, from time to time, take a break to do whatever you like, whether it’s a little trip or watch your favorite TV series. If you like going out with friends, then make sure you do so during short breaks.

8. “Exercise” Awareness

Since stress has to do with the mind, it is important that you take care of it as much as possible. The ways to do this include yoga, regular exercise, reading and meditation. Remember that you and your psychophysical well-being are always more important than your studies. Don’t let the exam affect your mental health.

9. Surround yourself with Positive People

This is certainly one of the most important tips you can receive in your life. Surround yourself with people who are always ready to listen to you, pamper you or help you when you feel stressed. Having negative people around you will never be of any help.

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