How To Deal With A Rude Roommate
By on July 18th, 2019

When you found out that there is going to be roommate, you probably got too excited and felt relieved that you would no longer have to do everything on your own. But there is a good chance that you later realize that you and your roommate have entirely different personalities and it is beyond impossible to get along with them.

If you come across with an ill-tempered roommate, then you need to figure out the ways to deal with them efficiently. Even if you are so calm and understanding, there is still a good chance of conflicts and misunderstandings if your roommate is not co-operative at all. Here are a few effective tips on how to deal with a terrible roommate effectively.

1 Sit down and try to set up some rules

You may find it too boring to sit down and set up rules with someone you can’t get along with. Nut it is important to make time to do so as it is going to be helpful to have a peaceful environment in your dorm room. Always remember that communication is the key to dealing with issues in all kinds of relationships. Chances are, your roommate is not aware that you don’t like it when music is played so loudly. Why? Because you never made an effort to tell them. Maybe your roommate is too careless and lazy to realize that it is not only your job to get the house in order or cook every single meal on your own. So, if you sit down together for a while and manage to set up some rules, you both are more likely to maintain the sanity of your minds.

2 Take them out for lunch/dinner to know them better

There is a chance that you may not have a compatible roommate, but there will be some things common between both of you. You can take them out for lunch so that you can get to know them better. Maybe they are acting a certain way because they are going through a rough and tough time. Or, it can be their bad friends at college that have made them bitter. You just don’t know their story that’s why you are being judgmental. There is always a reason why people are who they are. When you make an effort to talk or get to know them, you will not only find out about themselves but also, develop a friendly relationship with them. So, make sure that you play your part in getting close to them.

3 Look for a peaceful place on campus

If you are unable to tolerate their existence in the dorm room and want some time alone, then make sure that you find yourself a place on campus where is so peaceful and serene that you forget about everything else and enjoy the quietness and calmness. It is understandable that we all need some ‘me time’ every once in a while. Even best friends cannot manage to spend time with each other 24/7. Just like a little break after a hectic study schedule helps you refocus on your studies in a better way, having some time away from your rude roommate will help you cope up with the stressful situation and roommate issues. On top of this, it is a great way to not only explore your campus but also you get a chance to meet new people.

4 Be kind by appreciating them- it can do wonders

The saying ‘kill them with kindness’ really works. When you tell your roommate when they look really good or appreciate their cooking skills, they will be glad that you noticed them. If your friends are coming over and they help you clean the dorm room, don’t forget to say ‘thanks’ or hug them; they will surely like it. You can also show them kindness by offering them help with their assignment. But if you think the topic of the assignment is too tough, then consider getting law assignment writing service from a reliable assignment writing service provider- your roommate will surely thank you later for it.

5 Adopt a friendly way to talk to them

Are you the kind of person who doesn’t like any kind of arguments or getting into fights? Are you afraid of speaking up about their annoying behavior? If your answer to these questions is yes, then you should consider confronting the situation calmly. Don’t just get hyper or tell them something while shouting. What you can do is tell them calmly how something has been bothering you right from the beginning and you just want to bring it into their knowledge so that they can change it or avoid doing it in your presence. When your tone is friendly and not accusatory or angry, chances are, your roommate will listen to you and make an effort to not annoy you later.

6 Be clear about what stuff they can use and what they can’t

If your roommate is too rude to use all your stuff without your consent, then you need to be clear with them about how you don’t like it when they use your things without even asking for permission. If you have no problem in sharing, then let them know that they just have to inform you that they will be needing to use your stuff. But if you are not okay with sharing all your stuff with them, then make sure that you tell them what they can use and what they are not allowed to use. You can even invest in a locker to get your belongings protected in them. If you store your valuables in a lockbox, you are likely to have peace of mind when you head out to some event or university.

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