Essential Ingredients To Make Your Introductions Great
By on November 19th, 2018

They say that the first impression is the last impression, and to a great extent, it is very much in fact accurate. Nevertheless, it should also not come as a surprise that even for written work, the statement holds true. Writing is a concrete form of communication, by which we mean that if you write something then it is going to stay written until the medium which holds your writing is ultimately destroyed or all evidence of its existence is removed from this reality. Hence as a student, you have to be very careful when a written task is allocated to you by your professors and teachers, which can be looked back at after several years in the future. In this post, however, we are here to guide you to create attractive, appealing, and stimulating introductions that can grab the attention of your reader while leaving an everlasting impact. So without any further a due, let us discuss about the ingredients which make your introductions legendary and to be remembered as a pure masterpiece.


Every faculty member of a respectable higher educational institution expects their students and pupils to deliver a 100% original and unique paper that is instilled with a distinct and individualistic thought process and voice of its own. Anecdotes are a great way to achieve that. These personal references, sharing of memories, creating an ambiance for your writing can make your introduction feel genuine, well thought-off, and spectacular. However, there are some factors regarding anecdotes which you need to consider before delving into writing one for your introduction.

  • It must not confuse the audience or deviate them off the main track of your writing and its purpose.
  • It should be relevant to your paper’s learning objectives, key points, and main ideas.
  • You should use an anecdote to stimulate the audience rather than to make them bored.
  • All anecdotes need to be revised multiple times so as to make sure that they leave the right impact on the targeted audience.

Direct Quotation

The intellectual community which oversees how man has progressed over the years, their contributions to the human society and civilization as a whole, have the tendency to hold onto famous personalities very dearly and in high regards. These people have been the source of influence, change, betterment, and outstanding accomplishments during their lives, which is why they are highly esteemed amongst the smartest people on the planet. If you want to impress your teacher or professor, then perhaps you should play the card of using a famous person’s direct quotation within your introduction while ensuring the following demands:

  • be relevant to your topic, the subject matter of your paper, and the field of study.
  • The timing and placement of the quotation plays a huge role whether it clicks for the audience or not. Hence use the quotation perfectly by choosing the ideal position for it in your paper.
  • The quotation must shed light on the subject, and offer a statement of great value, which can set the tempo for your writing.
  • Use the quotations emotional and intellectual attachment to the best of your ability through your writing and expand your ideas based on it.

Factual Information

If there is one thing which the masses love these days is infotainment. It is the kind of entertainment that not only makes people enjoy themselves, but also share lots of amazing facts and figures which naturally increases their pool of knowledge and know-how about the world around them You can aspire to make your introduction feel the same as well, which requires you to research a ton of material and discover stimulating facts about your topic and subject. This will make the reader highly attentive to what you have to say by grabbing their attention and making them curious to know more. However, there are some qualities which you must ensure before you can use scientific evidence and statistics into your introduction, which are:

  • You need to be certain that the factual information you have gathered is from a credible source and that it will not even slightly dent the integrity of your own written material.
  • Only that information should be presented that is relevant to your subject and topic, simply adding in values, numbers, and percentages are not enough, it has to make sense by all means.
  • These technicalities, proofs, and numerical values should offer you reader interesting data that is beneficial for them in some way or the other.
  • You should never overindulge yourself to include too much factual material in your writing, or else your audience will feel the burdens of information overload which is never a good thing.

Origin Story

Lastly, if you are considering to make an impact on your readers, then perhaps it is best that you make them come closer with the given subject and topic. You can achieve this by familiarizing them with the subject matter of your paper, and the best way to do that is to bring them all on the same page as you are. Offering your readers a little bit of background information or an origin story will assist them to affiliate with the topic and subject of your paper in a friendlier and less hostile manner. You can also follow a chronological turn of events so that they are able to connect the dots in between without any need for assistance to do so. These types of introductions help you to quickly establish what your paper is all about. However since it is a common way of crafting an introduction for your paper, we strongly recommend using this option only when you simply cannot apply the rest of the above within your introductions.
We hope that the aforementioned tips and guidelines will prove helpful for you to compose exceptional introductions for your academic writing tasks. However, if you consider all of this to be too tedious for you to accomplish on your own, then perhaps you should seek professional assistance. All you need to do is ask qualified and experienced writers to write my assignment UK , and you will receive high quality of terrific work on time at affordable and feasible charges, without even raising a finger or an eyebrow.

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