Blemishes And Drawbacks That Can Prove to Be Detrimental For Your Papers
By on January 11th, 2019

Many of the students complain that their hard work along with their invested time and effort to create a fathomable paper for the academia didn’t offer them the results they were expecting. Majority of us consider academic writing tasks as mundane and forget that there is more to your assignments then merely submitting the required word count on the predefined due date. Writing is both an art form and a science hence not only does it incorporate an aesthetic sense to what you do with it but it is also built on a systematic approach. Failing to deliver any one of the aspects can prove to be quite detrimental for the results you desire from it and seek eagerly. Hence in this post, we would like to share with you some shortcomings which you must keep an eye out for in your written papers and avoid them at all cost. So without any further a due, let’s take a look when you need to sidestep and feel the need to circumvent things a little bit.

Disorganized Work

The reason why we emphasize this is because while many of us have a clear idea regarding what we are writing about, we often fail to realize that our audiences and readers might have a different viewpoint regarding our document. Hence you need to step outside of your own shoes a bit and revise your document to see if it actually delivers the meaning you have intended for it all this time. This can be fairly remedied if you organize your work accordingly. Here is what you need to do:

  • Write your paper in a systematic way. Have a clear starting point as well as a final end you desire to chase after through your writing.
  • Your ideas must be presented in a sequence. If you disturb their intended arrangement, it becomes difficult for your readers to understand the direction of your work.
  • You should create an outline for your entire document so that it actually serves as a road map as well as preventing you from going overboard or dwelling into irrelevant things.
  • Segregate your entire work into meaningful sections, such as an introduction, the main body of discussion, and finally a conclusion.
  • Make sure that your ideas are presented in your document in an organized manner.
  • Your paragraphs should each mention one main idea or key concept which should be relayed through the topic sentence, while the rest of the paragraph should comprise of supporting sentences that further explain your topic sentence.

Poor Readability

There is no doubt that you might be quite interested regarding your topic or subject of your academic writing task, and while your passion drives you to deliver an affluent and lengthy piece of writing, by the end of the day it doesn’t create the impact which you wanted for it. This might be the case where your readers feel intimidated by the sheer verbosity of your work and hence they are afraid to read your paper. What you need to do is make it more reader friendly so that once they start reading, no matter how long your document is, they never lose interest in your work and finish reading through it without any hiccups or hindrances in between. Here is what you can attempt:

  • Try to write the majority of your paper using active voice as much as you can since it offers easier comprehension for your readers and evaluators of work.
  • Use simple to understand vocabulary, avoid mentioning of difficult terminologies, and remove all clichés and jargons from your work.
  • Chose to write simple sentence structures rather than complex and complicated ones.
  • Write shorter sentences that are no longer than 20 words each.
  • Write smaller paragraphs which are no longer than 250 words each.
  • Utilize transition words and adjoining words to connect ideas, paragraphs, and sentences.

Inadequate Presentation

They say it matters what you say and how say it, similarly when it comes to written work, it matters what you write and how you present it. You need to take your academic writing task seriously and give considerable thought regarding its presentation. Here is what you should do:

  • Create a cover/title page for your document, which mentions the name of your institution, the topic of your paper, the submission date, and your name.
  • Add page numbers as well as headers and footers to make your document look more formal.
  • Insert a table of contents that is accurate and updated.
  • Take special care regarding the consistency for the usage of the following elements within your documents:
    • Easy to read and comprehend font size and style
    • Appropriate line spacing between sentences, paragraphs, and headings
    • Steady and stable text alignment throughout your document
    • Identical and unwavering paragraph indentations
    • Approved referencing system and footnotes format
    • Captions for any non-written and visual elements you use within your paper
  • Include a separate bibliography section at the end of your paper which includes all of the citations and references you have used within your paper.

Flawed & Faulty Writing

As a higher education student, you should know by now that the level of scrutiny of your work is extremely severe and the margin of error is simply not there. Hence if you do make mistakes here and then within your writing then teachers and professors simply can be quite punishing at times. On a safer note, you should probably and most definitely revise, proofread, and edit your work multiple times. This will ensure that all spelling blunders and grammatical errors have been removed and that your paper would then be perfect for submission at the academia.

While there are other aspects of writing as well such as extensive research along with in-depth analysis and rare insights that can further accentuate the quality of work, for now, we hope you would focus on the aforementioned suggestions and see to it how they can evidently help you create a much better paper than before. However if you are a student who is currently suffering from low self-esteem regarding their academic writing task, then it would probably best for you to apply for reliable and dependable assignment writing services. Qualified and experienced writers will offer you the tremendous quality of work on time while providing you with professional and specialized assistance for your subjects and topics at an affordable and feasible rate.

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